About Blush Free Books

Welcome to Blush Free Books, a website and newsletter dedicated to building a community of readers who love exciting, action-filled, and well-written books that are hotter than the clean and sweet, but close the door on the steamy scenes. 

There are communities aplenty for steamy and inspirational books, but there is an underserved group in the middle: readers who crave well-written books with all the action, suspense, excitement, and romance without the graphic sex. These stories have the edge-of-your-seat action with a hint of spicy language and some of the sexual tension not found in the cleaner-sweeter stories. 

There is no cost to readers or authors, just a willingness to share their favorite blush-free reads and the authors who write them. I will be sharing reader recommendations on Blush Free Book’s social media and in the newsletter when it launches in January.

Are you ready to give your Blush Free Books the platform they need to stand out and say ‘Come read me!’ to the millions of readers who love a great read without the unnecessary heat? Join me and other Blush Free Authors today by adding your voice and your books to #BlushFreeBooks!

(What is a blush-free book? Well, you’ll know it by what you don’t see in there!)

About Pauline, the Author and Owner of Blush Free Books

It’s time to say no to skipping through endless pages of sex and yes, to all the action-packed romance, mystery, and more at #BlushFreeBooks! #NoBlushRomance, #BlushFreeRomance, #BlushFreeMystery! #BlushFreeBooks offers you the full story without having to miss any pages! We do the skipping for you and deliver the stories you love to read without the unnecessary heat! Curated by USA Today Bestselling Author #PaulineBairdJones

You can find out more about Pauline at http://paulinebjones.com